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Apply for the Dutch subsidy for Virtual International Collaboration Projects (VIS)

7 July 2022

In a Virtual International Cooperation Project (VIS) Dutch and foreign students work together remotely on a project that links local issues to an international perspective. 
If you are a lecturer or educationalist and would like to develop a VIS project for students from Leiden and a university abroad, submit a grant application with Senior International Relations Officer, Carine de Wilde. If your project proposal is approved, the University will receive €15,000 from the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport to free up your schedule to give you time to develop the project. 

The second application round in 2022 will run from 2 September until 30 September. 

How to apply

  • Get written permission from your institute / supervisor.
  • Fill in this form. Please note: the answers to the questions must be provided in Dutch.
  • Complete the form that will be made available and downloadable here on 2 September. You may use the form for the 1st round in 2022 as an example. In the 1st round, the answers to the questions had to be provided in Dutch.
  • Send the form (which will be made available on 2 September) together with the written permission to Carine de Wilde by 09:00 on Monday 19 September so the proposal can be signed by the Executive Board and submitted to the Ministry.
  • Applications will be assessed in order of receipt – the sooner you apply, the greater your chance of being awarded the grant.

More information (in Dutch only)

Check the following websites for more information on this subsidy:

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