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Autumn school: Audio Visual Methods in Athens

20 July 2022

Audio, visual and multimodal applications are nowadays broadly used in heritage and museum studies, fostering communication between researchers and visitors as well as the promotion of heritage sites and museum collections. Furthermore, as digital media has become increasingly affordable and accessible, visual representation is expanding across several contexts of archaeology, becoming a prominent tool for documentation, analysis, and interpretation within the discipline. As the great landmarks of Athens such as the Acropolis or Agora are central in the national, pollical and tourist narrations of each period, the small, “hidden and overlooked archeological corners of the urban landscape can tell a different story about the city of Athens and its neighborhoods. In this sense we learn to “see” and to “listen” the sites “out of place” and out of the dominant national and political projects. We examine the social urban life of such places and their adaptation and adoption by the city. During the course we learn how to work with audio visual and multimedia tools and as a result we will produce short film clips of our work to be presented the last day of the course.

More information on the NIA website.

From the 22 October until 30 October 2022 the seminars will run daily, at the NIA in Athens and will feature field research (film & photography production) in selected locations in Athens. The seminar will focus on providing the general theoretical context in relation to audio-visual methodology and contemporary approachesto field researchin an urban setting, as well as an overview of the current situation in archaeological- heritage studiesin Greece.

Registration through the NIA website (Deadline 31 August)

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