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Comenius programme: new Calls published

20 July 2022

New Comenius Calls (2023) published, prepare your application.

Higher education benefits from continuous innovation and improvement by visionary educators. Do you feel inspired to further develop your idea for an educational innovation? Submit your Comenius proposal now! Support and advice to applicants is available, please contact Anna Terra Verhage if you consider applying.

Innovation projects for improving education

With a Comenius grant you can carry out innovation projects that will help improve higher education. The calls for proposals for the Comenius Programme 2023 can be found on the NRO website, where you will also find further information about the programme. See also the Comenius page on the staff members website for more information and the presentation from the recent information session. 

Themes 2023

The themes for the present call for proposals (2023) for the Teaching and Senior Fellow projects are:

•    Accessibility in higher education
•    Well-being in higher education
•    Working on the challenges of the future
•    Open theme – the entire breadth of ‘Fit for the future’

There are no specific themes for Leadership Fellow projects. These projects must be in line with the strategic (education) plan of the respective institution.

More on the themes of 2023 on NRO.nl.

The deadlines

The deadlines for submitting a letter of intent are:

  • Teaching Fellows: 20 September 2022
  • Senior Fellows*: 13 September 2022
  • Leadership Fellows**: 6 September 2022 

*For the Senior Fellows there will be an internal selection by each Faculty, because a maximum of one Senior proposal per Faculty or Interfaculty Institute may be submitted. Please enquire with a policy officer education within your Faculty about the internal process.

**One Leadership proposal for the whole university may be submitted. The university’s proposal for submission in this round has already been selected by the rector. To be considered for next year, please contact Anna Terra Verhage (policy adviser at SAZ).

Submitting a proposal, support and more information

Are you considering submitting a Comenius proposal? Please contact Anna Terra Verhage (policy adviser at SAZ) promptly to receive further information and advice from the central support team. A team involving colleagues from SEA, ICLON, CfI and SAZ are eager to help you during the various stages of the application process: from an exploratory meeting to sharpen your ideas and feedback on a draft, to references on educational literature and current insights on educational innovations. Also in case of any questions about the Comenius programme or to receive further information, please contact Anna Terra Verhage.

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