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Coronavirus proof in the new academic year

7 July 2022

During the past two years dealing with the coronavirus, the faculty has had to be very flexible in adapting its teaching to a hybrid or full lockdown situation. We sincerely hope that we have finally put this period behind us. However, if we are unexpectedly faced with a new wave of coronavirus, we are prepared for it.

In the event of a new wave of coronavirus, we are assuming three scenarios for which the faculty has already drawn up scripts based on lessons learned from previous years:

  • Scenario 1: Normal situation: all teaching is done on Campus (as communicated in this news item of 23 June 2022)
  • Scenario 2: Hybrid situation:  teaching, especially tutorial groups, is done partly on Campus, albeit with limitations, and otherwise online.
  • Scenario 3: All teaching done online in a lockdown situation.

For September 2022, we are assuming scenario 1 – the normal situation – where there is also room to make use of online educational components that have proved successful:

  • Teaching and exams (lectures, tutorial groups, written exams) take place on Campus. Exceptions are some specific course components that are already offered online according to the current teaching structure and customisation for special cases (particularly high-risk groups).
  • Lectures are recorded, but the lecturer determines when a recording is made available. Tutorial groups are only recorded or streamed in special cases, see above.
  • In the coming period, work will continue to make further improvements to recording facilities and technical equipment in the classrooms.

The scripts for these three scenarios are described in detail in a teaching policy memorandum commissioned by the Faculty Board, in consultation with the Education Board and Programme Committees. This document will soon be made available in English in this link.

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