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Heijmans and LIC receive a golden flag for above-average performance during construction phase 2A

11 July 2022

On Wednesday 6 July and Thursday 7 July 2022, both Heijmans and LIC received a golden flag for performing above average during the construction of phase 2A. They received the flag from Tessel Linders, head of Housing Affairs at the Faculty of Science of Leiden University.


For the construction of phase 2, Leiden University and contractor Heijmans are working with a quality system whereby the contractor must ensure that the work meets the required standards. For this reason, there are internal checks and moments to embed quality thinking throughout the construction process.

Green, red and golden flags

Besides this, we as a university also keep an eye on the project ourselves. We adjust the project content where necessary, but we also pay attention to the process. The university can therefore award flags: a green flag if things are going well, a red flag for serious failures and a golden flag for above-average performance. 

Golden collaboration

Red is not an issue, fortunately, and green is often forgotten. However, it is invaluable how Heijmans and our colleagues take each other into account. We celebrated this on Wednesday evening during the summer drinks with a golden flag for Heijmans and on Thursday morning with coffee and a golden flag for the LIC colleagues who are most frequently faced with disturbances. 

Heijmans and colleagues, thank you!

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