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Responding to emails using suggested replies

5 July 2022

Do you know that Outlook offers suggested replies when answering an email? When you receive an email message that may be answered with a short reply, then Outlook may suggest three responses that you can use to easily reply. If one of the suggestions works for you, simply tap it, optionally edit, and tap 'Send'. This Suggested Replies feature is available both in the Outlook app and in Outlook Online. 

Turning off the suggested replies

If you would rather turn off the suggested replies feature, you can do so as follows: 

Outlook App: 

  1. Select 'File' > 'Options' > 'Mail' > 'Replies and forwarded messages'. 
  2. Swipe the toggle to switch off 'Show suggested replies'. 
  3. Select 'OK'. 

Outlook Online: 

  1. Select 'Settings' (cogwheel icon).
  2. Select 'All Outlook settings'.
  3. Select 'Compose and reply'.
  4. Scroll downwards and deselect 'Show selected replies'. 

Uitschakelen voor Outlook Online doe je als volgt: 

  1. Selecteer Instellingen (tandwieltje).
  2. Selecteer alle Outlookinstellingen weergeven.
  3. Selecteer Opstellen en beantwoorden.
  4. Scroll helemaal naar beneden en zet het vinkje uit bij 'Voorgestelde antwoorden weergeven'. 
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