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Bat survey of North Cluster exterior walls

16 August 2022

In preparation for the renovation of the North Cluster, a number of surveys of the exterior walls will be taking place to check for the presence of bats. Bats are protected by law and may be found living in exterior walls, as happened with the South Cluster. Several surveys of this kind have already been conducted; they are repeated in different seasons and at different times of day. The bat surveys will be conducted by external ecologists outside the buildings on the following dates:

  • Tuesday 23 August: evening survey for breeding roost
  • Thursday 25 August: evening survey for mass winter roost
  • Tuesday 13 September: evening survey for breeding roost

For the evening surveys, the ecologists will be present on the site for a few hours after sunset. These dates are subject to change: if the weather conditions are unsuitable, the survey will have to be postponed.

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