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Less plastic in university restaurants

5 September 2022

From this week, the restaurants are open, with new developments in the context of sustainability. With the start of the academic year, the catering locations will no longer offer single-use packs of salads, cheese and meats. The Pieter de la Court restaurant will also stop selling water and soft drinks in plastic bottles.

Sustainability as focus

During the summer closure, the University Services Department (UFB) has worked hard on new developments within catering. Sustainability is always an important spearhead in this context. By phasing out single-use packaging, the university will save around 50,000 plastic packs per year. The restaurants will offer sandwiches in paper bags. Every quarter, the restaurants will update their sandwich range in order to align the range to seasonal products.

At Pieter de la Court, the PET bottles have been replaced by a post mix system. You can help yourself to a drink of your choice in a glass or your own reusable bottle. The device mixes the syrup with still or sparkling water on demand. Thanks to the reductions in the transport, processing, storage and cooling of the PET bottles, the university will reduce CO2 emissions by around 90%.

Breakfast at the university

In the Lipsius, KOG and Wijnhaven restaurants, a pilot for breakfasts will be initiated. At these locations, you will be able to enjoy a customisable menu from 08.30 to 11.30. You can choose from a selection of four types of bread, eggs, topping varieties and drinks. Of course, there is a plant-based line where the egg is replaced by tofu. From 11.30, you can use the restaurants for lunch.

The brasserie next to the Wijnhaven entrance will be rebranded Trattoria del Campus from September. This trattoria is inspired by Italian cuisine, and will serve sandwiches, salads, and other snacks and treats. The sandwiches will be made on-site, so the staff can take account of any food allergies and intolerances and you will get the freshest sandwiches.

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