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The 25th LIMES congress takes place from 21 to 27 August 2022 in Nijmegen

18 August 2022

The municipality of Nijmegen has the honor to organize the LIMES congress XXV on behalf of the Netherlands. The conference will take place from 21 to 27 August in Nijmegen. The program also includes two days of excursions to various archaeological sites in the Netherlands and Germany.

The LIMES Congress is a global academic forum for researchers currently working on all aspects of the Roman frontiers in Europe, Asia and Africa. During this congress, scientists from all over the world come together to catch up on the latest finds and research on the frontiers of the Roman Empire, the Limes. The scholars from 34 countries also pay attention to modern topics such as tourism, gender and heritage management. Participants from 34 countries also pay attention to current issues such as gender, tourism and heritage management.

Last year, in 2021, the Lower Germanic Limes was placed on the World Heritage List by UNESCO. In the Roman period Nijmegen was an important location in the frontier system. The Roman Empire extended right up to the river Rhine, but due to its favorable location on the moraine and on the Waal, the Roman fort and the city became of great importance for supplying the military along the frontier. With no fewer than five archaeological sites now protected by UNESCO, this significant history is attracting more and more attention.

In addition to the scientific conference, there is also an extensive public program in the museums Het Valkhof, De Bastei and Valkhofpark. Also within this programme there are various excursions to surrounding sites.

See the LIMES Congress website for more information.

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