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Making our buildings more sustainable: setting the thermostat to 19 degrees

30 September 2022

After a very hot summer, it suddenly feels cold in our buildings. Although it may feel like a big contrast, the thermostat will be set to 19 degrees. Like everyone else, the University has to reduce its energy consumption. You may have read about how we are going to do this and why this is necessary in this article. For now, we as staff members will mainly notice this in the temperature in the buildings. 

What can you do to help?

There are several things you can do to make things as comfortable as possible:

  • Close doors wherever possible
  • Don’t turn the radiators to higher than 2-3, to ensure the heat is evenly distributed throughout the buildings
  • Turn off lights and radiators if you will not be in the room for a longer period
  • Only turn on the heating and switch on the lights in rooms that will be used for longer periods

Making our buildings more sustainable

The Real Estate Directorate is working hard to make our buildings more sustainable, especially those that are poorly insulated and do not retain heat well. We are doing this based on our ‘Energy Transition Roadmap’.  
The new temperature may take some getting used to, but together we are committed to making our university more sustainable.

Energy campaign

Our energy campaign starts on 10 October, Sustainability Day. In this campaign we will raise awareness about saving energy and will share lots of information and practical tips.

Any questions?

Contact Aranka Virágh, the Sustainability coordinator at the Real Estate Directorate.

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