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NEW! Student information in Brightspace

7 September 2022

Relevant, up-to-date and reliable

As a student, you’ll very likely often be using Brightspace – which makes sense because that’s where you get all information about your courses. But sometimes you need other information as well, like information about study materials, exams, using University systems, extra activities, study advice and information related to your wellbeing as a student.

One environment for all students
So to help you, as of this academic year you can go to 2223 HS Studentinfo in Brightspace. All students automatically get access to this environment. Studentinfo provides all relevant, up-to-date information in one place, for all students – for both first-year students as well as other years, full-time and part-time, bachelor’s and master’s students, in Dutch and English. It’s also the only Studentinfo environment, including the onboarding modules for master’s and bachelor’s programmes.

It’s like a signpost, pointing you to the most relevant and latest information on the (student)website. Studentinfo is always up-to-date and reliable. To keep the layout as clear as possible, we’ve kept the navigation fairly simple and user-friendly. If you can’t find something you consider essential, please let us know via the contact details.

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