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Open Access: manage the end of year cap

20 September 2022

Some of the agreements between the Dutch Universities and academic publishers have set a yearly maximum number of free open access articles. The caps for Springer and Emerald have already been reached. Other caps that may occur before the end of 2022 include OUP and Taylor&Francis.


If you expect to publish an article with any of these four publishers during the remainder of this calendar year, this cap is of importance for your publication. You can stay informed about the status of your publishing deal by signing up for a ‘notify-me service’. You can also use this service to receive updates about other publishers with a maximum amount of open access publications.

What are the consequences?

If your manuscript is accepted between the moment the cap is reached and 1st January 2023, the publisher can still offer to publish your article Open Access, but the costs will no longer be covered by the consortium agreement and you will receive an invoice. We advise authors who want to share their article in open access and expect the publication to be approved at the end 2022 to contact the Open Access Team at the Centre for Digital Scholarship.

Manuscripts that are approved in January 2023 or later can make use of the deals until the 2023 maximum is reached.


Please contact us at openaccess@library.leidenuniv.nl.

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