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Request your digital exams with ECOLe

4 November 2022

New request form

Are you planning on hosting your finals and/or resits digitally through Remindo (on location or remote)? Make sure to request your exams on time by filling out the new request form. ECOLe will contact you after to start the digital assessment proces.

Remote examination is possible through Brightspace and Remindo. If you want to host digital exams on campus they will always be hosted through Remindo.


Digital Remindo assessments should always be requested at least 20 business days before the date of the exam. ECOLe will support you throughout the examination process.

Please note: Due to the Christmas break you will need to request resits in january earlier than usual.
If you have an exam on the 2nd of January, for instance, you would need ot request it by 28th November.

Module digital assessment with Remindo 

Do you want to know more about the digitial assessment process, what is expected of you and how ECOLe will support you? Check out the module digital assessment

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