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Cybersecurity month: Always work safely online, wherever you are

17 October 2022

Nowadays you can work anywhere: at home, on the road, in a public space or in the office. Hybrid work has become the new norm at many companies and organisations. But how do you make sure you’re working safely?

Here are some tips:

  1. Always perform updates on your devices. These will fix any vulnerabilities.
  2. Only use wifi with a password (at home too) and don’t use public wifi without a password. These networks are very easy to ‘eavesdrop’ on. 
  3. Make sure you have a secure internet connection and install a VPN. Leiden University offers one. 
  4. Use strong passwords.
  5. Store files securely. Request a safe alternative (OneDrive) to the J-drive or P-Drive from the ISSC Helpdesk. You can also use SURFdrive. This is a personal cloud storage service for Dutch research and teaching organisations that makes it easy to store, synchronise and share files.
  6. Lock your PC when you leave it, at home too. You can do so with the following keyboard shortcut: Windows + L.
  7. Use Signal as a safe alternative to WhatsApp.
  8. Use email safely. Always send University emails from your work account. Don’t use Gmail, Hotmail etc. for University emails. You can use SURFfilesender to send confidential messages (and attachments). 

If you have any questions, contact the ISSC Helpdesk.

More information on working safely online

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On our learning platform you’ll find short films about information security that provide practical tips and explain specific topics in simple terms.

A safe digital environment is everyone’s responsibility. During the annual European Cybersecurity Month in October we’re therefore sharing weekly tips on how to be cyber safe at work.

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