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Cybersecurity month: how to report an incident?

4 October 2022

So there you are, just out of a long meeting with colleagues. After all that talking you’re rather thirsty so you quickly go and get something to drink. When you get back, your laptop has gone. Nobody saw what happened. But did you lock your laptop before leaving the room or were you still logged in? You’re really worried. What should you do? 

First aid for (potential) incidents 

Incidents happen and people make mistakes. But what steps should you take if it happens to you? 

  1. Always report (potential) incidents as quickly as possible to the Helpdesk. You can do this online via helpdesk.universiteitleiden.nl or by sending a mail to helpdesk@issc.universiteitleiden.nl. If it’s a real emergency, also report it via abuse@leidenuniv.nl (or if necessary call the ISSC Helpdesk tel. +31 71 527 8888). If you report the incident as soon as possible, we can look for solutions and help to minimise any potential damage. 
  2. Learn from your mistakes. Stay alert and make sure you take sufficient precautions next time.

Learn more

On our learning platform you can watch short films that explain specific topics in simple terms and offer practical tips. 

A safe digital environment is everyone’s responsibility. During the annual European Cybersecurity Month in October, we will be posting weekly tips to help you work in a ‘cyber-secure’ way.  

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