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Join the panel discussions for lecturers

27 October 2022


The topics of this year’s lecturer panel discussions are:

  • Blended teaching: what is the ideal mix? How should we offer this form of teaching?
  • Teacher Support Desk and lecturer support: What do you think of the teaching support offered?
  • Community building and sharing teaching expertise: How do you go about this? What are your needs? What would you like to exchange experiences about?

Aim of the panel discussions for lecturers

During the panel discussions we will talk to lecturers from different faculties about teaching quality and lecturer development. The aim is to gain a better idea of your opinions on developments and improvements to our teaching and to hear any suggestions you may have. The results of the discussions will be used to evaluate our teaching policies and further improve our teaching. The Executive Board will receive a general report about the discussions and will discuss this with the vice deans for teaching. The discussions are in addition to the standard quantitative evaluations. 


To gain the widest possible picture of people’s experiences, we hope to see a mixture of new and experienced lecturers. We would greatly appreciate it if you would share your opinions and experiences with us, despite your busy schedules. Registration is open until 31 October.

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