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Pilot Billie Cup kicks off at Juridisch Café

26 October 2022

On Tuesday 1 November 2022

The Billie Cup pilot will kick off at Leiden Law School. Anyone can purchase a Billie Cup for €1 at the Juridisch Café. You will then receive your black coffee, cappuccino, caffè latte or tea in this baby blue plastic cup. After consuming your drink, you can do three things:

1. take your used cup with you;
2. exchange your cup for a clean Billie;
3. exchange your cup for a Billie Coin. You then exchange the coin for a cup next time.

This way, your euro keeps rolling in the system and at the same time you don't produce waste, as is the case with disposable cups.

Less waste

The pre-pilot was launched at our Faculty on 10 October 2022 by plastic soup surfer Merijn Tinga. The Billie Cup is already in use at Radboud University, Wageningen University & Research (WUR), Eindhoven University of Technology and other organisations. If you’d like to contribute to a better environment and less waste, join the Billie Cup pilot at the JuCa from 1 November. Read more about the Billie Cup here.

BillieCup piilot Juridisch café
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