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17 October 2022

Dear students of the Institute of Political Science,

In the past week, you have participated in the election campaign for your Programme Committee. Some of you as candidates; many of you as voters. Highly appreciated!

Thanks to your efforts, the Committee is now complete; both staff and student members are looking forward to a fruitful term.

Elected student members bachelor’s committee

Politicologie/Internationale Politiek

Elena van der Klok
Elena van der Klok (Internationale Politiek)
Marit van der Heide
Marit van der Heide (Politicologie)

International Relations and Organisations

Huba Vargas
Huba Vargas (IRO)
Joao Delfim de Almedia Aleluia Bazelga
Joao Delfim de Almedia Aleluia Bazelga (IRO)

Elected student members master’s committee

  • Eldad Vainstoc (International Organisation)
  • Shakki Bhat (International Organisation)
  • Josef Svab (Nationalism, Ethnic Conflict and Development)
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