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Apply for the Dutch subsidy for Virtual International Collaboration Projects (VIS)

1 February 2023

In a Virtual International Cooperation Project (VIS) Dutch and foreign students work together remotely on a project that links local issues to an international perspective.

If you are a lecturer or educationalist and would like to develop a VIS project for students from Leiden and a university abroad, submit a grant application with Senior International Relations Officer, Carine de Wilde. If your project proposal is approved, the University will receive €15,000,- from the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport to free up your schedule to give you time to develop the project. 

The new application round in 2023 will run from 1 February until 28 February.

How to apply?

  • Get written permission from your supervisor and education director.
  • Complete the application form that is now available here. The answers to the questions must be provided in Dutch.
  • Send the form together with the written permissions to Carine de Wilde by 09:00 on Monday 20 February, so the proposal can be signed by the Executive Board and submitted to the Ministry.
  • Applications will be assessed in order of receipt. The sooner you apply and send in a complete application, the greater your chance of being awarded the grant.

Meer information

Check the following websites for more information on this subsidy:

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