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How are your students doing? Refer them to the Caring Universities Mental Health Check

14 November 2022

At the beginning of November, students received an invitation to complete Caring Universities’ Mental Health Check. Caring Universities is part of an international initiative from the World Health Organization, aiming to gain more knowledge about and improve college students’ mental wellbeing. The Mental Health Check is developed by Harvard University and distributed worldwide. It is of importance that students fill out the questionnaire to gain more insights on their mental state of mind, but also so Caring Universities can better help those who need it. Please draw attention to the Mental Health Check, also to those who don’t have problems.

Free online programs for students

Caring Universities offers free evidence-based mental health programs and personalized coaching. The programs are aimed at improving mood, reducing stress, learning life skills, dealing with sleep problems, tackling procrastination, and learning how to solve problems.

This November a new program ‘EsteemUp’ was launched, aiming to help students with growing their self-worth, handling negative thoughts about themselves, and more. Students can register here.

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