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Fill out the Personnel Monitor

7 November 2022

On 17 October, an email with the Personnel Monitor 2022 questionnaire was sent out by Effectory, the external agency that organises the Monitor on behalf of the University. As Faculty Board, we fully support the Personnel Monitor!

Working on important themes

Our aim, as a Faculty, is to introduce serious new measures to strengthen leadership and to improve social safety and inclusion, work-life balance, and recognition & rewards – to name just a few important themes. The 2022-2027 Faculty Strategic Plan focuses mainly, and with good reason, on two important ambitions: To strengthen the culture and operation of our Faculty and To improve the wellbeing of all staff members and students. We therefore see the Personnel Monitor 2022 as the baseline measurement of our Faculty Strategic Plan for the period 2022-2027. The next Personnel Monitor in 2026 will then allow us to check whether the actions and interventions that we jointly determined and implemented based on the Personnel Monitor 2022 have been helpful, and whether we’re doing better than we were in 2022.

Please participate!

You are therefore cordially invited to give your opinion. The more staff members who participate, the more insight we will have into how people currently experience their work and the better we can align our HR policy with this. In 2018 the response rate for the Personnel Monitor was 57% of staff members and 33% of PhD candidates. At the time of writing, 15.2% of all Faculty of Humanities colleagues have filled in the questionnaire. To ensure a successful baseline measurement, we really need more input and responses. Please let us know what you think is going well and what could be better. You have until 11 November to do this. It is important to us that you should have your say, and our target is the highest possible level of participation. This will help with collectively designing improvement initiatives and follow-up actions, both for the University as a whole and for our own Faculty and your institute and team.


If you have not yet filled in the questionnaire, you will receive reminders on 31 October and 7 November with the request to do this. If the Effectory emails have not arrived in your mailbox, please contact the Effectory helpdesk

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