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Peer Review in Brightspace via FeedbackFruits

28 October 2022

Would you like to add interactive learning activities to your course on Brightspace? Make use of FeedbackFruits! FeedbackFruits offers various tools to support (peer)feedback, assignments, discussions, and other interactive learning activities. Check this overview and discover which tools you as a teacher can use.

In the upcoming months we will introduce the different options of FeedbackFruits, starting with Peer Review. With Peer Review students can provide feedback on their peers' work like documents or videos. As a teacher, you specify the criteria that your students use to evaluate their peers' work. Read how you can use and set up a Peer Review assignment.

Do you have any questions on Peer Review or FeedbackFruits? Email us via ecole@hum.leidenuniv.nl. 

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