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Terms of Employment Individual Choices Model: Fit for Free becomes SportCity

22 November 2022

As of 12 October, all Fit For Free clubs now go under the name of SportCity. In agreement with the Local Consultative Body, we are therefore adjusting the Terms of Employment Individual Choices Model on this point. 

Offset annual Fit for Free or SportCity subscription

If you have an annual Fit for Free subscription or an annual subscription to Sport City on or after 12 October 2022, and want to offset these via the Individual Choices Model, you can do so via Self Service. 

Submit your application by 30 Novemberaanvraag uiterlijk 30 november

If you would like to use the Individual Choices Model this year, please submit your application by 30 November at the latest. You can submit most applications for the Individual Choices Model online, via Self Service (log in via Remote Desktop).

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