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Update on response time and guest bookings at Uniglobe

29 November 2022

The agreement with Uniglobe, our business travel supplier, is that they will submit a travel proposal within 24 hours of receiving a travel request. Since the summer this deadline has regularly not been met.

Response time almost back to old level

As well as a rapid increase in requests, there are two other reasons for the delays: staff shortages and increasing complexity within the airline industry. As airlines often change their flight schedules and with the problems at Schiphol continuing, travel agents can process fewer travel requests than before the pandemic. Uniglobe therefore needs more staff to provide the same level of service. 

The good news: Uniglobe recruited lots of new travel agents in the summer, so the response time is now almost back to the desired level. This month nine out of ten travel requests by phone or email received a travel proposal within 24 hours. In September this was only half. 

Guest bookings temporarily disabled in UBI

The University advises staff to book simple trips in UBI, Uniglobe‚Äôs online booking tool. This means you receive your travel documents within minutes and gives Uniglobe more time to process complicated travel requests. By simple trips, we mean return trips to a single destination (A-B-A). Over 45% of our staff now book these in UBI. 

It is currently not possible to book trips for guests in UBI. Due to a system error, this functionality had to be temporarily disabled. Uniglobe and the developer of UBI are working to resolve this problem. Until then, please contact Uniglobe to book travel for guests.

Frequently asked questions

You will now find answers to frequently asked questions on the business travel page. If a question that is often asked at your institute is missing or you have questions of your own, please contact the contract manager for business travel abroad.

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