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The Annual Interview: Reviews & Sessions

8 December 2022


Quite a few colleagues have already taken part. The new Annual Interview pilot at Leiden Law School is being put to good use between managers and staff members. A collaboration between Leiden University and our HRM team, the newly developed Annual Interview concentrates on creating a dialogue between individuals and in teams, wellbeing, collaboration, and personal development. The HR team has already received some reviews. The following are a few comments made by managers from the Institute of Criminal Law and Criminology:

‘I think it is very positive that the conversation predominantly focusses on development and I also like that the administrative hassle has decreased.’

‘A disadvantage is that the interviews, or at least the ones I have conducted, take much longer than previous years. It is inevitable that we look back to do justice to what people have done and achieved. But the questions and subjects also entice us to enter into a dialogue and provide feedback on what they think of the organisation and how they, for instance, can contribute to that.’

‘I think that the interviews take more time now because the questions trigger some sort of brainstorm about where someone would like to go and what is needed for that. This has never been discussed in such details before and that makes the conversation more interesting. I have noticed that the staff members feel the same way.’

‘The filling out of the form is not always arranged in a logical order for reporting the interview: I, myself, would pose the questions in a different order.’

‘The reflection and other questions from the annual report are not registered in the eventual interview report. If the intention is to create room for that reflection and feedback, you would surely want to be able to see that reflected in the report, I believe.’

Next time the reviews of staff members will be highlighted.

Career development

As part of the pilot The Annual Interview, the HR team will organise walk-in sessions with career advisors for staff member during the week of 16 January 2023. You can sign up for a session to find out what a career advisor can do for you. This conversation can be about development within your position, within the Faculty or University, or even somewhere else. You already can apply by mailing to: Marijn Stipdonk-van der Geest - Universiteit Leiden.

Skills Lab: A good conversation

In the renewed Annual Interview more room is given to leadership - both personal and more general - and to giving and receiving feedback. It is not always easy to have a good conversation. How do you open up to each other, how do you express yourself clearly, and how do you discuss some of the more difficult subjects with each other? On 8 February, we will host an interactive and dynamic training on the subject: Skilllabs: A good conversation.

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