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Temperature control at the Pieter de la Court Building

12 December 2022

Recently, the thermostat in university buildings has been set to 19 degrees. Unfortunately the temperature has sometimes been lower  in the Pieter de la Court Building.

Tips for a comfortable workplace

To make your workplace as comfortable as possible, you can do the following things:

  • Make sure all windows are closed properly. You will clearly hear sound from outside if this is not the case.
  • Turn on all radiators and check whether they heat up.
  • If the corridor is significantly colder than your office, keep the door closed. If the corridor is warmer, keep the doors open if possible.
  • Bring extra layers of warm clothes.

Does the radiator not warm up or does the window not close properly?

Then please inform the Servicedesk FSW (071-527 8989). The issue will then be tackled as soon as possible.

The location management of the Faculty and Real Estate work hard to keep the building's temperature consistently at 19 degrees. The temperature is observed on a daily basis at various spots in the building and technical adjustments are made based on this information.

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