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Always report safety incidents

16 February 2023

We are devoting increased attention to safety within and outside the university. We want to offer a safe environment, both online and offline. Find out about safety at work, a safe work environment and handling sensitive information. What should you do if something goes wrong? A burglary, accident or data breach, for example.

Safety and security

Safety means taking measures to prevent accidents from happening, such as tripping and falling down the stairs. Security is about protecting our university from unauthorised interference. The university takes both online and offline measures to prevent unauthorised access to its data, property or people. This means not only using multi-factor authentication, for example, but also protecting our art and books.

Report any incidents

Even if you are careful and vigilant in your work, things can still go wrong. Do you want to know what to do should an incident arise? Are you about to organise a sensitive event? Do you think the university’s security could be improved? Many faculties and directorates have their own point of contact, ask your supervisor. In addition, you can always contact one of the departments at Administration and Central Services that focus on integral security: the CISO or the Security department. If they are unable to help, they will refer you to someone who can. Always report incidents. We learn from them. For more information see the ‘Report incidents and accidents page.

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