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New employees: meet the Future Learning Office

7 February 2023

After a well-deserved Christmas break, semester 2 of the current academic year has begun this week. This means not only new courses, but also new students and teachers. Therefore, we would like to briefly introduce the Future Learning Office (FLO), especially for the latter group.

FLO is the first point of contact with regards to ICT services for education for FGGA. We help teachers with the use of ICT applications, exploring the possibilities and advising them in making a choice. We would therefore like to call on teachers to contact us if they would like help from us on the following:

1. Setting up a gradebook

It can sometimes be difficult to make a gradebook and to take into account compensation rules, resits and the number of assignments. Would you like us to set this up for you? Then fill in this web form! 

2. Making and using rubrics

Rubrics can be used to grade assignments and can give students a good overview of how the point distribution works. However, setting up these rubrics often causes problems for teachers as it is a very error-prone system. If you would like to use rubrics, please contact us via flo@fgga.leidenuniv.nl 

3. Media center

In addition, the media center on the 4th floor of Wijnhaven can be used to record podcasts. We recently started using a new reservation system. From now on, a reservation can be made via this link (also available on our Leiden University page).

We wish all teachers good luck in the upcoming block. If you have any questions, please contact flo@fgga.leidenuniv.nl or take a look at our organization page to see what other services we provide.

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