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Join the self-defense course for female staff at the USC

16 March 2023

In spite of the many conquests that the feminist movement has achieved in the past few decades in both the Global North and the Global South, the reality of many female fieldwork researchers representing Leiden University in different parts of the world is that they are faced with situations that directly involve local gendered perspectives. These challenges include a wide spectrum of complexity, from micro-violent practices to outright physical aggression.

In this context, Leiden University is offering a course for staff members who are disadvantaged or vulnerable according to gendered norms within their fieldwork/research settings. The aim of this training is to first enhance the confidence of participants before, during, and after their interactions with local stakeholders. Then, it will focus on strengthening and developing a specific set of skills to prevent, recognize, manage, and solve- when possible- potentially risky situations.


  • You are a staff member of Leiden University (including PhDs, Assistant/Guest Researchers, and Postdocs).
  • You are female, female-presenting or belong to a disadvantaged or vulnerable group according to gendered norms.
  • Those who conduct fieldwork or travel for their research will be prioritized.


  • Register as soon as possible!
  • Starting 28 March 2023, attend the sessions with an optional group dinner on four consecutive Tuesdays, 17:15-18:45, at the USC.
    • Session dates: 28 March - 4 April - 11 April - 18 April 2023.

Register and find more information about the course.

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