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Leadership workshops and courses

8 March 2023

The Good Conversation: 5 April

This Skillslab replaces the P&D Interview workshop and is a must for every manager.

Topics covered in the programme:
•    Coaching your staff in their development.
•    Giving constructive feedback that the other person can really hear.
•    How to address difficult topics.
•    Making clear agreements with each other: make your expectations explicit, link them to your team’s ambitions using clear criteria available to you as a supervisor.
•    Starting a conversation in a clear way, structuring it, and consciously intervening where needed.

Registration closes on 8 March.

More information and registration. 

Academic Management and Leadership Skills: 14 April

This course is intended for Assistant and Associate Professors with 5 – 10 years of managerial experience after having obtained their PhD. It offers up-to-date knowledge on the playing field within the university to help them increase their ability to exert influence on that field. 
We often recommend this course to employees who have the ambition to take on a more managerial role in the future. This course can be seen as preparation for the Course Academic Leadership.

The course focuses on:
•    Influencing peers, strategic networking (influence and power), managerial roles and styles.
•    Operating in a political environment (decision making; determining direction; stakeholder analysis; daring to take action; and delegation, which is complex because you will often delegate to peers).
•    Knowledge of institutional strategy and translating this to your own role.
•    Increasing organisational sensitivity, negotiation skills and meeting techniques, with a particular focus on determining your stance and creating acceptance for your ideas.
•    Intercultural communication, diversity and inclusion.

More information and registration.

Leading from the Middle: 11 April

This course is intended for middle managers who are the link between operational management and academic staff. For instance: controllers, advisors, board secretaries, or Institute Managers and their assistants. This course offers more insight into their own role, a better understanding of financial and HRM tasks and offers tools on how to deal with the often complex issues. 

A limited number of places have become available due to cancellations. Registration closes on 19 March.

More information and registration. 

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