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Let us know what you think about the proposed changes to the course evaluations: read the discussion paper

28 March 2023

The Faculty Board and EDs believe we should and can make better use of what is, in and of itself, a fine instrument: the course evaluations.

Which is why, at the request of many, Dianne Karkdijk & Annemarie Bouwman wrote a discussion paper on the matter with input and assistance from a large number of stakeholders. The aim of the discussion paper is to start a discussion within our faculty about how can improve the way we use course evaluations. This has led to five recommendations that fit within the framework of Leiden University. It is not about drastically changing the course evaluations, but more about a cultural shift in on how we approach these course evaluations within FGGA. 

You can read the discussion paper here.

You can read Koen Caminada‚Äôs blog on course evaluations (in Dutch) here. 

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