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Privacy: don’t wait too long to seek help

16 March 2023

‘Can you just check the privacy?’ Not an unusual question for a privacy officer. And ‘just’ tends to mean quickly. But answering privacy questions often takes more time than you might think. What should you consider if you have a privacy question?

Tips for privacy questions

Privacy assessments take time but being prepared helps. So start working on privacy assurance in good time.

  1. Get the privacy officer involved in your project as early as possible; ask your questions too soon rather than too late.
  2. Make sure you have clearly defined the goal.
  3. Try to think of the route personal data will take so you won’t miss any aspects that will need to be reassessed later.
  4. Prepare for questions from the privacy officer:
    - What are you going to do?
    - What is the purpose?
    - What personal data do you think you will be processing?
    - Whose data is it?
    - Why do you need the data?
    - Where will the data be stored?

In certain cases, a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) will need to be carried out. Bear in mind that a DPIA is more than just ticking a few boxes.

Where can I find help?

For questions about privacy, contact the privacy officer from your faculty or unit or contact the general email address privacy@bb.leidenuniv.nl

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