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Students can now submit to The New Scholar (Leiden Student Journal of Humanities)

22 March 2023

The New Scholar: Leiden Student Journal of Humanities is a special project supported by the prestigious Comenius Programme Senior grant awarded to editor-in-chief Dr. Paz González (LUCL), who will be working on it with a team of editors. The New Scholar will be an online open-access peer-reviewed journal, entirely composed of academic works by students of all programs at our Faculty. It provides the first route for excellent student research to make an impact, encouraging and showcasing Leiden's pioneering interdisciplinary and intercultural exchange of ideas. The first issue of The New Scholar is to be published in June 2023, followed by another issue every 3 months – hopefully forever.

Call for student submissions

The journal needs your help to gather the very best works from every discipline for a strong inaugural issue. An open call for submissions has been made to all students, with a deadline of 31 March 2023. Fresh alumni of up to 1 year from graduation are also eligible. Submissions can take on any format (mainly papers of up to 8000 words, but also posters, video essays, etc.) and any topics in the Humanities. They must be in English, Dutch, Spanish or German, accompanied by an abstract and keywords in English. These works can be based on university assignments, which is where you come in.

Have any of your students done outstanding work for your class? Have you thought that some of them have the makings of a scholar? Then please encourage them to submit! The editors hope to gather many submissions as soon as possible. (If they do not fit in the first issue, they will provide a reserve for subsequent issues.) Please share with them the call for submissions from the student website. You can also help by clearing up any confusions or misgivings that students may have about adapting a project for publication and about double-blind peer review.

Call for peer reviewers

For every submission considered for publication in the journal, the editors will be looking for peer-reviewers within our Faculty. Early-career researchers will be approached first, but all scholars are eligible. So please keep an eye out for their potential request to review works in your area of expertise.

More information

All submissions and inquiries should be addressed to comeniusjournal@hum.leidenuniv.nl. Full submission instructions and other details are available on the website: https://universiteitleiden.nl/thenewscholar. Please also follow (and encourage your students to follow!) their social media: lnstagram, LinkedIn and Facebook. There you will find the journal's future announcements.

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