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Jump start your grant application process: apply for a Faculty of Archaeology seed fund

26 April 2023

The Faculty Board of Archaeology has opened a call for seed funding to jump start your grant application process. The budget of the Faculty of Archaeology relies on funding provided by external grants, particularly those from the NWO and ERC to help maintain our high level of research focus. These grants provide direct funding in terms of FTEs paid from funders (3rd stream), and indirect funding from premiums that the government awards to the Faculty per grant (2nd stream).

In recent years we have been less successful at acquiring these large grants, so the board has allocated €100k to help stimulate more grant applications. Keep in mind that this is not ‘research’ funding, but funding meant to directly facilitate more successful grant applications.

More details, including eligibility, conditions, and assessment criteria can be found in the call for proposals document, which also includes the application form. For questions, please contact Amanda Henry.

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