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Results of FGGA faculty council elections 2023

21 April 2023

The results of the FGGA Faculty Council elections have been announced. Who will represent us in the faculty council? 
This year, it was possible to vote for the staff and student sections. 

View the official results

The results for the staff section are:

(1)Sanneke Kuipers 
(2)Nikki Ikani 
(3)Densua Mumford 
(4)Annemarie Bouwman

Turnout 49.9%.

The result for the student section is:

(1)Archie Archie 
(2)Niklas Spilker 
(3)Anne Roos Rooh√© 
(4)Sophia Ritscher

Turnout 14,3 %.

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