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Consult the new Translation Guide for English texts and translations

25 May 2023

How do you say buitenpromovendus in English? What is vocational education in Dutch? Our university has had its own terminology list for some time already. This has recently had a facelift and one new feature is the ability to search not only from Dutch into English but also from English into Dutch.

Guidelines for English texts and translations

The new Translation Guide/vertaalgids site, as it is now known, also lists our guidelines for writing in English (previously known as the style guide). Is it Professor Smith or prof.dr. Smith? Do we write January 23rd, 23 January or 23rd January? Should we use British or American English? The guidelines have the answers. (Please note: these guidelines are for university communications. Journals or blogs may have different requirements.)

Checklist for translations

The site also has a handy checklist for English translations and the option for translators to download the terminology list to use in their CAT tools.

If you would like a term added to the terminology list, feel that an existing entry needs changing or have any other questions on English translations and terminology, please use the contact form on the site.

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