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Education for Professionals at a glance

9 May 2023

The new Education for Professionals portal went live on 8 May. This is where professionals who want to broaden their horizons will find the complete range of programmes, courses and masterclasses offered by Leiden University. The portal gives a complete overview: from continuing education for legal experts and medical specialists to courses in leadership and language courses. 

Anyone who wants to acquire new skills or update knowledge learned earlier can choose from Leiden’s broad range of programmes for professionals. At the same time, exchanging knowledge and expertise with professionals is also an opportunity to strengthen the collaboration between the academic world and the field of practice.  

Annet van der Helm, project manager of the Academy for Professionals, explains: ‘This portal is the first step towards offering professionals easy access to the complete range of relevant university training programmes, courses and masterclasses. And we are working further on extending the range of programmes we offer. To achieve that, we have set up a network of liaisons with the faculties and expertise centres. Together with them we are designing new – interdisciplinary – programmes for the professional market.’ 

Academy for Professionals

Setting up the portal is one of the elements within the Academy for Professionals project. If you would like to submit possible courses for the portal or learn more about this project, send us a message and we will make an appointment.

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