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Steps to take before business travel abroad

2 May 2023

You will need permission from your manager to go on a business trip abroad. The Government of the Netherlands classes the risk of travel to other countries with the aid of the following colour codes: green, yellow, orange and red. If you will be travelling to a country and/or region with an orange or red colour code, you will need prior permission from the university.

The events in Afghanistan, Ukraine and Sudan have shown that we need to constantly review our (personal) risk analysis and that travel advice is little more than an educated guess. This makes it important to travel well prepared, so that in the event of unforeseen or escalating circumstances you will be able to consult Security Services and take appropriate measures.

Checklist for business travel abroad

  1. Book your trip through Uniglobe
  2. Apply on time for the travel documents you need
  3. Apply on time for your travel insurance
  4. Check the travel requirements for the country you are travelling to
  5. Make sure you have your manager’s contact details and vice versa
  6. Make sure you know who to contact in case of an emergency
  7. Make sure you have enough water, food and cash with you for the first few days

Help preparing

If you are going on a business trip abroad, the Security Department can come and brief you to help you prepare for the trip. For some countries with a high-security risk, you can borrow a mobile or satellite phone.

In the event of an emergency

Staff abroad who urgently need to contact with Leiden University can call +31 71 527 6666 twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

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