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Committee to explore options for interim board

6 June 2023

On 25 May, the current Board of Leiden Law School announced that they will be resigning their duties on 1 July. With this announcement, we would like to inform our students and staff of the steps that will be taken to ensure the continuity of the Faculty Board from 1 July onwards.

At the Executive Board’s request, a committee made up of three members began work in June to explore the options for an interim board. They will present their recommendations to the Executive Board as soon as possible.

The temporary committee is chaired by Mark Rutgers, Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Humanities. The other two members are Janine Ubink, Professor of Law, Governance and Development at the Von Vollenhoven Institute, and Jan Adriaanse, Professor of Turnaround Management at the Department of Business Studies and Academic Director of the Institute of Tax Law and Economics. Both are currently working at Leiden Law School.

The committee is conducting exploratory meetings with, among others, the academic directors of the faculty, the Faculty Council and members of the current Faculty Board. They expect to soon be able to form a good picture of the tasks and duties at the faculty and of the possible candidates for the interim board. The goal is to provide more clarity about the interim board by 1 July. The Executive Board will make the final decision – the interim board is expected to lead the faculty for some months until a definitive board takes office.

As reported previously, the current Faculty Board will in principle stay on until 1 July. We will continue to update the students and staff of the faculty on the appointment of an interim board and any other developments. For further questions and comments, please contact your manager or study adviser.

For more information, please read the previous article Board of Leiden Law School resigns duties.

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