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Gender-inclusive communication: check the new tips and guidelines

6 June 2023

Leiden University is committed to diversity and inclusion and respects the diverse gender identities of our staff, students and visitors. We recommend using gender-inclusive language for official announcements and communications as well as for forms, policy documents and automated messages. We have issued guidelines on this and have tips for students and staff on choosing inclusive and respectful forms of address. 

Tips and examples

The updated writing guidelines give examples of gender-inclusive forms of address that can be used instead of gender-specific ones such as ‘Dear Sir or Madam’. You can use these in emails, announcements to students or colleagues and official letters such as contracts or decisions on the binding study advice. The tips are on gender-inclusive communication and asking for people’s gender and preferred form of address in forms. 

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about gender-inclusive communication and forms of address in the work and learning environment, feel free to contact the D&I Expertise Office (diversiteit@leidenuniv.nl).

Behind the scenes

The ISSC recently applied the new gender-inclusive guidelines to automatic mail templates. Curious about this project? Julian van der Kraats gives a peek behind the scenes at how the changes were implemented. 

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