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Increase your personal effectiveness at work

6 June 2023

Do you have a strong sense of responsibility? Are you reflective or expressive? Your personal characteristics determine how you perform at work. Are you interested in finding out what your strengths and weaknesses are? If so, take one of the tests on the Career Platform.

You can take the personality test to discover what makes you unique, in terms of extraversion and conscientiousness, for instance. If you’d like to know how your personality relates to that of other members of a group, and what your natural group role is, you can find out by taking the group roles test. This will tell you what role suits you best and what kind of behaviour you might come across when working together with others. You will gain more insight into your own value at work and within a team or project group.

You can find all kinds of tools and tips on career development on the Career Platform. Get to know yourself better so that you make the right choices and continue to enjoy and find the right balance in your work. The results of the self-tests are personal and can only be viewed by you.

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