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Launching Leiden Law Academy

6 June 2023

The JPAO has decided to change its name to Leiden Law Academy, a new name to better represent the department that organises and facilitates the faculty's legal postgraduate education (Juridisch PAO). The new name has been in use since 1 May and although the brand name JPAO will be phased out slowly, taking into account the current name recognition of JPAO, the terms 'legal postgraduate education', 'Juridisch PAO', 'education for professionals', 'professional education' and 'lifelong development' (LLO) will continue to be used alongside the new brand name 'Leiden Law Academy' (LLA).

Close to the faculty

The Leiden Law Academy is intended to be a place for innovation, development, and connection, and in direct contact with legal professionals. A place with a flexible infrastructure in order to assist with the various demands and to provide custom solutions. It offers professional services, such as conference management, to the various departments of the faculty free of charge, as well as providing opportunities for internal and external stakeholders to support each other through debate, research, teaching, sponsorship, and cooperation. A new department that is closely aligned to the faculty and its primary tasks.

Room for talent and development

With the LLA, Leiden Law School hopes to fulfil its strategic ambition 6: Promoting talent and development. The faculty aims to increase the social impact of its education through Lifelong Learning (LLO) in addition to its bachelor’s and master’s programmes. There is a big demand among alumni and professionals to acquire new skills, update previously acquired knowledge, or embark on an entirely new career path. The new Leiden Law Academy is ready to support legal postgraduate education (Juridisch PAO) and to support the faculty in its transition towards LLO education.

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