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What do you need to develop as an educator? Fill in the Inspectorate of Education questionnaire

6 June 2023

Are you an educator and would you like to develop further in this role? Do you enjoy professionalisation activities and do these meet your needs? And what factors encourage or prevent you from doing so? The Inspectorate of Education is holding an online survey to get an idea of how educators throughout the country feel about this.

The survey

The Inspectorate of Education is running the survey to identify educator needs for professionalisation activities and what encourages or prevents them from taking part. The survey is of all education sectors, from primary to higher education. The results will be shared with the Minister of Education and the educational institutions.

Your contribution will help paint a good picture of the current situation and provide insight into where improvement is necessary and possible.

Who can take the questionnaire?

The questionnaire is for anyone whose appointment at the university includes at least some teaching. This is regardless of your contract (temporary, permanent, freelance) and job level (from junior lecturer to professor). Nor does it matter how much time you spend teaching.

How to fill in the questionnaire

Click on the button below and log in with the code: lkjfl023

You can fill in the questionnaire on your laptop, phone or tablet. It will take about 15 minutes to complete and is open until 17 June 2023. Your data and answers are confidential: answers cannot be traced to individuals.

Take the questionnaire

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