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AI in education: information and support for FSW lecturers

17 July 2023

Since OpenAI’s launch of ChatGPT in late 2022, the education community has been very worried about the impact of this AI-based chatbot. Within the university much work is being done to provide information, advice, and support for teachers. In conversations with SAZ and LLInC the faculty demands attention for both guidelines for use and advice on long term developments of AI in education. An overview of the available information and support within the university and the faculty: 

  • The university site AI in education bundles relevant reading recommendations, podcasts, and knowledge clips on the subject. You will find a short explanation on what ChatGPT is and what it can do, the possible opportunities for education and some tips on preventing ChatGPT-assisted fraud. Information on ‘AI in education’-activities within the faculty can be found on the SOLO website

  • The faculty symposium Demystifying AI was held on 20 June 2023. Check out LLInC’s presentation slides on the basics of AI, responsible use and possible challenges of ChatGPT in education. 

  • Curious to see how ChatGPT-proof your writing assignment is? Book a half-hour consultation with an educational advisor from LLInC. Take a closer look at the assignment together and get tips on how to tweak it to be more resistant to undesired use of ChatGPT. 

  • This coming academic year SOLO, together with LLInC, will organize a monthly meeting for FSW lecturers on AI in education. You will hear about the latest technological and didactical developments and be able to discuss challenges and best practices in education with fellow lecturers and support staff. The first meeting will be 24 August, 16:00-17:00. Sign up for one or more meetings. 

Questions or suggestions? Mail SOLO.

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