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Amendment to Leiden University Guideline on Hiring Temporary Staff and the Leiden Hiring App

13 July 2023

There are a number of possible ways of deploying temporary staff. These range from a temporary employment contract to secondment, and from an agency contract to a self-employed worker. The Guideline on Hiring Staff sets out the conditions, criteria and procedures that apply when deploying temporary staff. This guideline and the accompanying Hiring App (under the Service Portal) have recently been updated. Further adjustments to the App will be made in the coming weeks. The updated Guideline on Hiring Staff can be found under Personnel Policy and Codes of Conduct.  

Most important changes

The most important changes are:

  • The maximum hourly rate for all activities by a temporary employee is € 140 excl. VAT (in place of € 130 excl. VAT);
  • Permission to exceed this hourly rate requires approval in writing from the Director of Operational Management of the Faculty/Director of the Expertise Centre, rather than the Director of Operational Management of Administration and Central Services;
  • An abbreviated agreement is available for a small assignment: one-off and a maximum of 8 hours and a maximum of €1,000, excluding VAT, where the temporary employee does not need access to systems and buildings;
  • Registration in SAP is no longer required if the temporary employee is hired for less than 8 hours and does not require access to systems/buildings. Registration in SAP is mandatory in all other cases.
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