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How do we keep our information secure and reliable?

24 July 2023

As a leading teaching and research institution, we want to provide secure and reliable information to our students, researchers, staff (including lecturers) and partners.

The Executive Board offers guidance on how to achieve this in our Strategic Information Security Policy. This is based on an awareness of the growing threat of cybercrime and our increasing dependence on digital processes and systems.

Information security is everyone’s responsibility

This is just one of five principles that will help us make decisions. The university is therefore investing in, among others, increasing security awareness and promoting safe and responsible behaviour in our staff, students, researchers and other users. We appreciate that policy and technical measures alone are not enough to eliminate all risks.

More information

Read the Strategic Information Security Policy, which details the other four principles, the vision, goals, basic premise and responsibilities.

Looking for an outline of the strategic policy? Read the ‘Information Security Statement’ or watch the SURF video (in Dutch) below for a two-minute explanation of the importance of information security and the university’s five principles.


If you have specific questions about the Strategic Information Security Policy or about information security in general, please contact the Security Office, send your question to security@bb.leidenuniv.nl or visit our information security & privacy page for more information.

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