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More efforts for less waste: reusable crockery will become standard

5 July 2023

Leiden University wants to contribute to a sustainable society, a healthy climate and less litter and waste. We have already taken measures to limit packaging in our cafés and restaurants. The next step is eliminating single-use plastic.

Our university is committed to reducing the use of single-use plastic. This aligns with government policy and ‘Pure’, an integral concept introduced by the University Services Department focusing on and taking responsibility for health, people, the environment and social cohesion.

Individually wrapped cheese slices and similar single-serve packaging will no longer be on sale, for instance, our sandwiches will be served in sustainable paper packaging and smart procurement will ensure even less waste is produced.

The next step as a university is to significantly reduce our use of disposable products. As of 1 January 2024 no single-use plastic will be used at all. Until then we want to gradually move towards becoming a single-use-plastic-free university.

Cafés and restaurants

‘Billie Cups’ will be available in the university cafés and restaurants. If you return these reusable cups, you will receive a ‘Billie Coin’ that you can use next time for a clean Billie Cup or a one-euro discount on your purchase.

You can also use your own cup in our cafés and restaurants. Regular crockery will also be available.

Disposable products will no longer be provided in the cafés and restaurants as of 1 August 2023.


Reusable crockery and glasses will become standard for meetings as of 1 August 2023.

Labs and offices

People generally already use their own cups in labs and offices. Reusable cups, either your own or a Billie Cup from the cafés/restaurants, will also be the standard there.

Disposable products will no longer be available in labs and offices as of 1 October.

Large hot-drinks machines

The large hot-drinks machines will no longer provide disposable cups as of 15 November. You will be able to use your own cup or a Billie Cup in these machines as of 15 October.

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