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Online coaching from Siggie available for PhD candidates from 1 July

3 July 2023

Siggie supports all kinds of different mental health issues through online coaching. You can get help with psychological problems that are caused by or have an impact on your PhD track, but also for other issues (e.g. loss and mourning, sleeping problems, if you 'just' don't feel good about yourself).

Koen Caminada: 'You have a lot to deal with as a PhD candidate. You dive deep into a subject and are single-handedly responsible for a huge project - mentally that can be quite demanding. So, it isn’t very surprising that PhD candidates have an increased risk of psychological issues, stress-related issues, and burn-out. I think it’s important to help our PhDs deal with the problems and challenges they face during their PhD trajectory, so that they can work on their dissertation happily and healthily. That is why I’ve been working to be able to offer Siggie's services to our PhD candidates. That way, we can properly support our PhDs.'

Siggie provides psychological support to all FGGA PhD candidates, regardless of the type of contract (i.e. both grant and external PhD students). Coaching from Siggie is reimbursed by FGGA, but works independently. 

Examples of issues that Siggie can help you with

  • You notice that you compare yourself to others and become insecure because of this.
  • You want to be more aware of your strengths and focus on your strengths. 
  • You notice that you suffer from procrastination/fear of failure/perfectionism/(future) insecurity, which causes you to experience stress. 
  • You are usually able to take things as they come but want to learn to cope better with setbacks. 
  • You notice that a lot is new to you and feel anxious about it. 
  • You have a lot on your mind and sleep badly. 
  • Your mood can change, you have low self-esteem, and you are occasionally overcome by gloom.

These are only a few examples. For more information and the application form, visit Siggie's site.

The coaching programme with your professional Siggie coach consists of five online sessions spread out over approximately ten weeks. There are also several e-health modules available for you to work on in your own time. You can read more about the coaching programme here.

Are you unsure if Siggie is for you? Or do you need advice on your PhD trajectory? If you are struggling with your PhD track or with practical issues, please feel free to contact the PhD deans.

You can apply for coaching from Siggie by mentioning 'PhD candidate FGGA' under the question 'What programme are you following?'. This mention is required so that the planners at Siggie know that you are eligible for coaching.

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