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New handbook for lecturers Humanities

16 August 2023

The Teaching Handbook is a reference book for everyone who teaches within the Faculty of Humanities, from tutor to professor. Here you will find practical information about teaching as well as guidelines, procedures and regulations that directly affect the primary teaching process.

The first part of the handbook provides a brief overview of the organisational structure of the Humanities faculty. This is followed by a section with practical information including e.g. how to use your work email and how to request leave. In the section "Education" you will find education-related information: e.g. about registering the presence/absence of students and how scheduling (exams) is done, but also codes of conduct and what to do in case of (suspected) plagiarism/fraud. Finally, in the appendices of the handbook you will find a list of useful links, various education-related procedures, and an overview of commonly used abbreviations.

When you have recently joined the faculty, you will want to quickly find your way around your new work environment. Even if you have been with the Faculty for some time, you might want to review the handbook for any updates to faculty regulations and facilities.

You can download the handbook via the button below. It is also available on the website of FGW Learning.

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