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Nominees Casimir Prize (award ceremony is 5 September 2023)

21 August 2023

During the opening of the academic year, on Tuesday 5 September 2023, the Casimir Prize 2022-2023 will be awarded. The Casimir Prize is a faculty appreciation of teaching teams that achieve renewal and innovation in education. Impact within our academic community, and evidence-informed working methodology, are key.

The following teams are nominated for this year's Casimir Prize:

E-learning Suicide Prevention

As of 2021, the team below has developed, tested and rolled out a on suicide prevention for psychology education. Together with 113 Suicide Prevention and RINO Group Utrecht is digital learning materials (e-learning modules) developed in a blended manner in the Bachelor, Master and Post-Master education.

In the project 'E-learning Suicide Prevention' the following colleagues are involved from the Institute of Psychology: Joanne Mouthaan, Mila Troskie, Prof. Maartje Schoorl, Prof. Willem van der Does, Dr. Taarique Debidin, Dr. Marieke Bos, Dr. Bianca Boyer, Dr. Kim de Jong, Dr. Jacqueline Guicherit-Dicke and Dr. Pascal Haazebroek.

Family Dinner

In the 'Family Dinner' app, developed by Zsuzsika Sjoerds and Sebo Uithol (Institute of Psychology), students meet fictional characters at a family dinner. By reviewing conversations between family members, students learn to recognize fallacies, biases and rhetoric. This project aims to train undergraduate students in critical thinking, as part of the Psychology and Science course. Game elements are included to further increase motivation and interaction. It is currently being investigated whether the app can be used in more contexts.

Transition to R

At Political Science, statistics education has switched to an open-source alternative to SPSS: R. This fits with the developments in the field of Open Science, also R is now increasingly used in the field. Leila Demarest, Tom Louwerse, Tim Mickler and Josh Robison have developed materials to support teachers and students, including knowledge clips on R (in collaboration with Marijn Nagtzaam) and a Brightspace training course for teachers.

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